Percy Loves….

Here are a few of the things that Percy loves and that I’ve found useful to have to hand since getting him as a puppy….


The Happy Puppy Handbook – I can’t recommend this book enough, a friend of mine lent me her copy before I got Percy, I read it within a weekend and promptly went out and bought a copy for myself.  It covers everything from preparing for the new arrival through to managing behaviour in older puppies.  I still refer and dip into it even now.

The Happy Puppy Handbook: Your Definitive Guide to Puppy Care and Early Training

Out and about

Car Harness – I tend to use a harness for Percy rather than a collar as it also means that I can fasten him to a seatbelt when we’re out and about in the car.  Our favourite one is by Dogs Trust, it’s sturdy and comes with a separate seatbelt loop to fasten him securely when we’re driving.  The bonus being that proceeds also go to dogs in desperate need of rehoming.

Blankets and Towels – I used old towels and fleece blankets to cover the back seat of the car and to dry Percy off when we’ve been out walking.  Dogs, like humans, quickly get cold and start to shiver in colder weather once they’ve stopped running around so it’s important to keep these to hand along with fresh water and treats if your going on a longer walk.

At Home

Toys – Percy has a selection of toys which I rotate for him so he doesn’t get board with them, amongst his favourites are his Kong  which I can fill with treats or freeze (note, there are different sizes of this toy the puppy ones are made of slightly softer material which is more suited to puppy teeth than the adult version of this toy), his tugger toys and also his teddy bear (I don’t rotate this one, it’s the bear he came home with as a puppy and he takes it to bed with him on a night time).

N.B. Percy also keeps a selection of toys at his Grandma’s house too

Bedding –  Vet fleece this stuff is fantastic – it’s warm and soft so perfect for puppies and what’s more it’s easily cut to size to fit into the bottom of a dog bed, crate, carrier, car seat and you can just chuck it in the washing machine as it washes really well.


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