Here comes the sun!

Well, it’s been a while since my last blog post.  Looking back, I was surprised to see that it’s been several months!!  Anyway, since my last post winter has turned to summer – and it happened quite quickly, turning arctic like temperatures in March to hot hot hot in April!!


Is that ice cream you’ve got up there?

Through the Bank Holidays in April and May we made the most of the weather with a trip to the seaside.  Percy particularly enjoyed the long stretch of beach at Blackpool and dipping in and out of the sea, walking the full ‘golden mile’ and back again.  We’d expected that the sun would be short lived but then the heat carried on into June and has been hot ever since.  More than making up for the poor weather start to the year!

The last few weeks have been particularly hot and staying cool has become the challenge for Percy (and his humans!).  Our adventures have taken us to Hebden Bridge, near Halifax, West Yorkshire where there’s a lovely river for paddling in and some great artisan shops, pubs and nearby walks, and some local walks including our favourite at Oakwell Hall near Birstall which has some idyllic shaded woodland and a stream to cool off in.

Of course, as the heat increased into June and July we’ve moved our daily walks to early in the morning and later in the evening as the ground has been way too hot for little paws (and humans) to be out walking in.  When we have gone out we’ve taken a supply of water for everyone, suncream (factor 40) and tried to stick to shaded areas to ensure that we enjoy our walks.

At home, Percy has spent time chilling out (literally) on the cool kitchen floor, sitting on the marble hearth of the fireplace in the lounge ( and has enjoyed playing with ice cubes, wet towels and his paddling pool as well as eating the odd Frozen Yogurt or two!

Next weekend will be Percy’s first ever camping trip, so we’re busy planning what to take and trying to work out logistics of getting a tent, camping gear, 2 humans and a dog into a mini!!  All good fun and hopefully the lovely summer weather will hold out for us throughout August.

In the meantime I’d be interested to hear your thoughts and tips around keeping your dog cool in summer. What works for you and your dog?

Stay cool!

Percy & Louise




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