I Woof You

It’s not escaped my attention that it is indeed valentines day tomorrow.  I for one will be spending the evening with the one I love.  The one who is always pleased to see me, who loves spending time with me, gives the best hugs, is somewhat protective but never argues or disagrees with me – yep you’ve guessed – it’s Percy!

Percy love

So this got me thinking, how do you say “I woof you” to your best buddy on valentines day – after all it’s about showing the ones you love that you err still love them (which to be honest we should all do every day and not wait for one day a year!).

So here’s my list of ideas to say “I woof you” to that special someone in your life – after all they are always pleased to see you, even when you return after nipping out of the lounge for 5 minutes to make a cup of tea!!!

  1. Take them on a walk – either a favourite place or somewhere new.  Given that we live a good 2 hour drive from the coast, it’s always an absolute treat for Percy (and myself and Jack) to get to the coast for a long walk on the beach.  Lots of different sights, sounds and smells  as well as the possibility of an ice cream or fish & chips!
  2. Pamper your pooch! – Okay, so this won’t necessarily go down well with some dogs, but how lovely do they look (and smell!) after a nice bath and brush through?
  3. Send him (or her) a card…. board box – dogs (and cats) seem to love cardboard boxes, great for hiding in, hiding treats to find, jumping in, chewing.  It’ll be new and different and they’ll appreciate it.  Similarly, cardboard tubes, ice cubes are all new novelty things that will keep them entertained.
  4. Make them their favourite food – Percy loves bacon and cheese.  It’s not something I’d feed him every day but every now and again in very small portions it’s a well deserved treat.  What’s your dogs favourite food that they might really appreciate?
  5. Play time – take the time to play with them, whether it be throwing the ball in the park, hiding treats around the house for them to find or playing ‘tuggy’ with their favourite toy.  They love it almost as much as you!

However you decide to say “I woof you” to your pets – whether it’s on valentines day or any other day for that matter, they will appreciate the time that you spend with them.  The real win/win of course is that you get the benefit too as spending time with your pets is  great way of relaxing, feeling content and switching off from the day.

How do you say “I woof you” to your favourite four legged friends?  I’d be really interested to hear from you.

Louise & Percy


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