Big sticks and art work

Loads of green space, a big lake, wildlife and a raft of sculptures dotted across the landscape – our latest trip out took us to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, West Bretton.


It was a typically cold and drizzly day – the type of day where you could quite happily stay indoors with a cup of tea, toast and a good film.  Instead we decided to brave the outdoors and risk frizzy hair (both Percy and me!) to explore the park.   We didn’t have a route around the park planned and instead just meandered around the latest installations, lake and found the coffee shop.

As well as the long term pieces that are on display (many by renowned artist Henry Moore) there is a changing programme of guest installations which makes revisiting the park regularly worth while.


Percy taking in the works of art!

Percy found the sculptures interesting and had a good sniff at most of them.  One of the sculptures that caught his eye was a tree formation with various household objects at the end of the branches – he did wonder what type of a dog might choose to live in a kennel perched on the top of a pipe!!

The sculpture park is mainly parkland with a few footpaths – thankfully I’d learned my lesson from last week and remembered to take mine and Jack’s wellies!!  Fortunately we also managed to keep Percy out of most of the mud.

The highlight for Percy was the a huge selection of twigs and branches on the floor to keep him occupied.  Over the course of the walk he managed to upgrade his stick from this……


to this……..


Needless to say, he wasn’t allowed to bring it back in the car with us at the end of the walk!!

After looking at the sculptures, we headed across the middle bridge to the other side of the lake where you can find stepping stones, highland cattle, bird hides and (of course) more sculptures hidden amongst the trees.  We then looped back around the lake and headed back up the hill towards the coffee

Feet aching from the walk, we rounded our afternoon off with a cuppa and home made cookies at the coffee shop (Percy enjoyed a drink of water and treats) then it was back to the car for the drive home.  Yes, we were cold and muddy but it had been well worth it!


Louise & Percy








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