Muddy Paws at Oakwell Hall

Our latest adventure took us to Oakwell Hall and Country Park.  Oakwell is a manor house dating back to the 1580’s, it has links to the Brontë family (as do most old houses in this area), rumours of ghosts, stories of hidden staircases and the historic Civil War battle of Adwalton Moor took place very close to the site.

Oakwell Hall

The Country Park itself partly covers the old Gomersal Colliery which closed during the 1970’s. Following its closure the land was planted over and now makes for some beautiful woodland walking with plenty of nature to be seen.

Our 3 mile, figure of 8 walk broadly followed the nature trail route and took us a good hour, starting at the lower car park, walking up through Colliery Field towards the house, then on past the house into Nova Woods, back through Toadhole Meadow and Nutter Lane Field (cracking names!).

The walk itself was lovely, there are a number of streams that run through the woods as well as ponds, bird life and some great open views of the surrounding area and farms.

I’ve been here numerous times before, but as a non-dog owner and usually in summer.  It’s fair to say that a number of the bridal ways and footpaths were a tad churned up to  (it’s a very popular walk).  Percy loved sniffing and snuffing around, jumping over (and into) puddles. Every now and again he’d stop to glance back and look at me with a ‘what is she doing’ face as I kept slipping ungracefully in the mud and then almost lost one of my trainers to it… lesson learned – next time it’ll be hiking boots or wellies!!!

On our way back we played ball in Toadhole Meadow but by that point you couldn’t really tell where the mud ended and Percy began (we had several conversations with other  dog walkers about dogs being mud magnets)!!   5 minutes into a game of fetch, the ball was so covered in mud that neither of us could find it and so had to abandon the game!!  Instead we took the opportunity to work on Percy’s recall (he’s good at it, but I still take every opportunity to practise with him – cubes of cheddar usually work best as a reward!).

After all of that it was back on the lead for the short walk back to the car, and home for a much needed cup of tea for me and much needed bath for Percy!

Home, bathed, fed and fluffy again!

Until next time!

Louise & Percy


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