Percy at The Piece Hall

Well, we’re well and truly into the new year and the weather has been typically January-esque which begged the question – what to do when it’s wall to wall rain and not much above freezing outside.  In an attempt to get some fresh air we decided to venture over to Halifax, West Yorkshire to have a look around the recently re-opened Piece Hall.

We all togged up in waterproofs (and Percy had his favourite fair isle jumper on) and set off over to Halifax to have a nosy around the Piece Hall.


The Piece Hall dates back to 1779 where it was a trading hall for pieces of cloth (more detail on the history can be found at the Piece Hall website).  It’s recently been renovated and re-opened in 2017 with a raft of local independent shops, art gallery, learning area and a great space for concerts/ entertainment.


Ok, so this photo doesn’t do it (or the hills behind) justice, but it does give a flavour for the building – and what a wet day in Halifax looks like!!  We had an hour or so looking around the Piece Hall.  Most of the shops are local small independent retailers.  My favourites included the record/ coffee shop, Loafers, where you can sip a nice cuppa whilst having a thumb through some vinyl (they also stock some pretty cool music prints) and the sweet shop, Spogs and Spice, which has wall to wall sweets from all eras – (l could have happily spent a whole day in that shop!!).  

Unfortunately there weren’t many Percy related shops, but he did enjoy having a good sniff around, saying hello to many of the shop keepers and trying to catch the rain in his mouth!

It’s fair to say that by the time we got home, we were all extremely cold, wet and ready for a hot chocolate (Percy had chicken instead) and the warmth of a fire.  


We will be going back to the Piece Hall (there’s a gin bar that needs sampling!!) but it probably won’t be until the weather picks up….  Oh the thought of a nice gin and tonic on a summers day – bring it on!! 

Louise & Percy



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