Hello from Percy

Well it’s been a weekend of firsts for both of us…..

This is a first for me as I’m new to blogging.  Let me introduce myself and Percy.

I’m Louise, I live in Yorkshire with my son Jack,  Suki the cat and Percy the dog (a 4 month old Coton de Tulear pup (pictured)).  Percy is our first ever dog and my goodness how we have fallen in love with him (how could you not – look at that puppy face!!), he’s also given me more of a reason to do one of my other favourite things – getting out and about walking in the most beautiful county in the UK – Yorkshire (okay, I know I’m a bit biased!).

Why the blog?  Well, I think I’ve possibly bored all of my friends with Percy related posts on my personal Facebook feed, I’ve never written a blog before and although I’m not one for new years resolutions I thought I’d try something new this year and give it a go.

It’s also been a weekend of firsts for Percy.  It was his first ever trip to the beach,  first time running off the lead and first taste of ice-cream (vanilla – he loved it!).  We went to Filey, North Yorkshire and although the tide was in there was still plenty beach for Percy  to run up and down with his fur cousins – Monty the Maltipoo and Ozzy the Labrador.



Filey is such a lovely place – when the tide is out there are rock pools to explore on the beach, some good long walks to be had and a nice town centre with a great fish and chip shop.  As you can imagine, it’s very popular with families and dog walkers – we absolutely love it there and although it was Percy’s first time, I know it won’t be his last.

So, welcome to the blog and thank you for reading down to the end of the first post! Here’s to Percy’s adventures in Yorkshire (and probably some other places too!).

Louise & Percy


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