Percy goes camping!

The decision to spend the weekend at VW Fest, Harewood house was fairly last minute, and I must admit I wasn’t sure whether Percy under canvass would be a recipe for disaster. As with many last minute decisions it proved to be a really good weekend and I was pleasantly surprised at how well Percy took to camping!

The first challenge of the weekend was packing a tent, chairs, camping beds, food, sleeping bag, clothes into a Mini.  Not the most practical car for camping – packing it up is like a Crypton Factor meets car tetris style challenge! I finally managed to shoehorn a weekends worth of camping gear into the car, along with me, Jack and Percy!  Very cozy! At least Harewood House isn’t that far away from home….


Getting the tent up in between rain showers was, err, fun! Percy waited in the car, Jack decided Percy needed company in the car and I ended up getting soaked.  Finally got the tent up and went to get the stove to put the kettle on for a much needed cup of tea, only to realise that we had gas canisters but no stove!!  There’s always something that we forget to pack and this was that thing!

At least our friends (and therefore hot drinks!) weren’t far behind us…. only they had also left their stove at home.  In those circumstances there’s only one thing to do and that’s to crack open the gin!  So, we avoided the next shower of rain, had a cheeky gin in the tent whilst Percy and Shelby (my friend’s gorgeous GoldenDoodle) played lovely outside and the kids went off to suss out things.

Fortunately we weren’t without tea for the weekend as a lovely group of people pitched opposite our tent had a spare stove that we were able to borrow which meant bacon and egg sandwiches in the morning (veggie sausage for me)as well as hot drinks – heaven!  I can’t begin to describe how appreciated this was on Saturday morning – the skies on Friday evening were beautifully clear which meant plunging temperatures overnight (N.B. Percy hogged my campbed/ sleeping bag, he had a great night’s sleep – can’t say the same for me!). IMG_3770

The festival itself was great fun and very dog and family friendly, with lots to see and do.  I particularly enjoyed looking at the old Type 1/2 campers and VW Beetles.  Percy made friends with lots of other dogs and even bumped into Chewbacca!  There’s a great fancy dress competition on the Saturday night, although we didn’t take part we really enjoyed seeing everyone’s costumes – some really creative ideas and a lot of effort put in.

As well as the festival site, there’s also the house and gardens to look at with plenty of open space for dogs to run around and burn off some steam as well as nice walks in the grounds (and wider surrounding area if you’re feeling so inclined).  Percy particularly liked a quiet walk around the lake on a morning.

It was a great weekend that was enjoyed by all, it’s a brilliant festival and despite being slightly nervous about taking Percy camping, I’m pleased we did as it’s something I’d definitely do again!

Until next time

Louise & Percy